Welcome to Gliders Club   

Good vibes.
Good glides.

Gliders Club is a carefree collection of Sugar Glider NFTs that live on the Polygon/Ethereum blockchain as digital collectibles. The Gliders are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Polygon network running on Ethereum blockchain, hosted on IPFS. Your Glider doubles as your Club membership, and grants access to members-only benefits. Future perks and benefits can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Register your Glider here and get ready to sail the wild winds of the blockchain.

Giddy Gliders are currently earned strictly by invitation only.

If you know you know..

Above all else we stay up

Nothing can keep us down.

Gliders Club is a private brand collection. Our token invitations are for those who are ready to leap from our launchpad and soar on good vibes, good times, and an infectious love of life. Each token is generated from a collection of Giddy Gliders designed to start our Club. Every Glider minted in the Genesis Drop represents a founding team member.

We use different Glider types to organise our Club, with each type having a different focus. All those with the same type should share the same goal. Gliders Club is managed and published by OwnHub. To access Members Only areas, Glider holders will need to be registered and signed into their Metamask Wallet.

Registration - Are you a Club VIP? Check here

What we stand for

Positivity. Mindfulness. Growth. Curiosity. Excitement.  

Our Club is a supportive team promoting hope, happiness and mental and physical health — you can't keep these Gliders down for long! The Club is an ever optimistic, always effervescent crew of mixed marsupials coming from all winds of the world.

Being part of the Gliders Club means saying YES to positivity, and to making positive steps toward your future savings goals. Like all creatures, Giddy Gliders can get caught in rough winds at times. But taking inspiration from our marsupial kin, Giddy Gliders squirrel away portions of our savings with the view to building a more rewarding future.


Days to NFT drop


Exclusive Members


Loyalty Points


Experience tickets


The Gliders are landing soon

Round 2

Get Giddy with it

Pioneer Posse

  • Mint New Collection
  • Join the Team
  • Exclusive Access Party
  • Join the Club
  • Social Teasers - Glider Exclusives

Round 3

It's time to glide

Hacker Crew

  • Own the new world
  • Bring the network to life

Round 4

Soar on good vibes

Hustler Team

  • Loyalty Club Launch Partners
  • Wallet Rewards and Promotions
  • Collaborations with optimistic brands
  • Exclusive Swag and Merchandise
  • Discount Offers and Competitions

Line up team!

Meet the Giddy Gliders

Gliders Club is a chance to embrace the potential of NFT and Blockchain technology while having a bit of fun in the proces.

Gliders Club Member

ownhub is a managed data club and part of a sovereign identity movement to put the power of data ownership back in the hands (or paws) of the people

OwnHub Team Member

Handcrafted by Gliders Club Founders

Meet the team

Meta Glider

Lives in a virtual beach shack in a decentralized future.

Sky Glider

Has a bird's eye view of our project and ready on-demand.

Racer Glider

Decides how fast we all go to collect the checkered flag.

When the world is trying to weigh you down

with headwinds and heavy vibes

the way of the glider is to rise above it;

to just breathe deep... and glide.

Gliders helping Gliders

Community Tools

Here are some helpful tools for our Gliders Club. Please note these are unofficial in nature and decentralized by design.

NFT Explorer https://nftexp.io for Asset Review

OpenSea https://opensea.io/ for Asset Resale

EtherScan https://etherscan.io/ for Smart Contract Address